What is in SUPACOCO?

It is a supplemental blend of coconut oil and salmon oil that you mix in with your dog's kibbles. We love our pets, let's make sure we give them the best supplement so they can live a healthier and longer life.

About Us

natural & healthy

As pet parents, we are concerned about everything when it comes to our furbaby. From their toys to their treats; we want to ensure that what we feed them is 100% human-grade food. We would not give anything less to our pups.

Supa Coco is 100% truly organic and natural.

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The pawesome benefits of supacoco

  • soft & shiny floof

    salmon oil is rich with Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acid from EPA and DHA, which can help to keep skin and coats soft & healthy.

  • Healthy Skin

    coconut oil (contains MCT, fatty acids) superfood supports skin & coat health, which also keeps breath fresh for oral hygiene support.

  • Packed with Vitamins

    the supplemental blend of coconut oil and salmon oil are packed with amazing vitamins that also support hips & joints, heart, immune system.

  • Great for Digestion

    coconut oil contains lauric acid with natural anti-fungal & antibacterial protection to improve digestion & reduce allergies.

  • excellent for picky eaters

    a spoonful of our supplement a day, will keep your picky eater lick the bowl clean.

  • 100% dogs approved

    over 1500 jars have sold, and hundreds of happy, healthy, shiny floofs are our proof. Try one today & become a Supa Dog!

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Supa Coco Oil

Supa Coco Oil

Regular price $21.99

Supa Coco Oil (Duo Combo)

Supa Coco Oil (Duo Combo)

Sale price $39.99 Regular price $43.99

Supa Coco Oil (6-month supply)

Supa Coco Oil (6-month supply)

Sale price $79.99 Regular price $87.96

Supa Coconut Spoon

Supa Coconut Spoon

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Supa Coco Supa Shirt

Supa Coco Supa Shirt

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Shinier & Softer Fur

I am really impressed with the sample, which is why I am ordering more as soon as it I am out. I noticed that Kiwi's fur is shinier, softer, and brighter after a week of using Supa Coco! I also recommended a sample for my family's dog that has allergies and problems with hot spots. So far, they are loving the supplement as well and are starting to notice less itching.  @kiwi.thedoubledoodle

Work Wonders

Her coat has gotten much softer than before and this has no odor which is great! Everyone needs to try this and will work wonders on your pupper! THANK YOU SUPACOCO. @willowthemini