PetPotion | Waterless Shampoo

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8oz | 240ML

All-Natural Waterless Spray Bath No Rinse Pet Shampoo For Dogs & Cats, Made in the USA.

Brand Background: At Supa Coco, we are careful with what ingredients we give to our dogs, including any type of shampoo or spray. We received a sample of PetPotion spray, Lavender scent, at a Pet Convention a year ago and fell in love with it. These bottles are handcrafted in Santa Barbara, CA, and they are known for their ALL-NATURAL ingredients, which is music to our ears. Try one for yourself!

Key Benefits::

  • REFRESHING SCENTS: PetPotion has 4 options to choose from, and Refresh is an unscented is formula is safe and effective for both cats and dogs.
  • EASY TO USE: Shake well, aim and spray pet generously, wipe off with a wet wash-cloth, or massage in & leave on. Air dries soft.
  • #1 WATERLESS SHAMPOO SPRAY: Use often to freshen coats, eliminate and neutralize the pet odor, reduce all over itch and hot spots and as well as to remove dander/allergen. It's great to clean dingleberries/bum issues, dirt, sand, and paws. It's like dry shampoo, but for your pets
  • FOR ALL ADVENTURES: Our spray baths are perfect for cleaning your pet’s coat after walks, hiking, camping, beach day romps, after doggie daycare, before photo shoots, a day in the park or a lazy day at home.
  • NEW! SIGNATURE SPRAY: Our unique bottle design offers a quiet, consistent, gentle spray stream that makes clean ups quick and easy. We have the most healthful, effective and efficient spray out there!