About Us

Get to know us, the SUPA team! 

Supa Coco team is based in San Francisco. Our small team of three is working incredibly hard to provide the best customer experience, unboxing experience, and source the best ingredients for our products.

The supplement was born when our founder got her first dog. He was (still is) so precious - he looks and acts like the leader of the pack yet he has the most sensitive stomach ever, and he is extremely picky with his foods.

After months of getting to know her puppy, she was able to mix and create the ultimate supplement for him -- to calm his digestive system, to help with his floofy coat, and most importantly (to her) to help with his picky eating habits. Ta-da, with the right mixture and blend, Supa Coco was born. Now, her pack of shibas get compliments everywhere they go, "ohhh their fur is so soft, so precious", and the crowd would fall in love with them almost instantly.

At SupaCoco, we believe in doing what’s best for our pets. That’s why we make sure to use the best human-grade ingredients in our food supplement. Like we always jokingly said, 

"we work hard so our dog can have a better life."